About Alese

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Alese studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Carlow University. She works as an editor and a certified book coach, helping others to passionately shape their writing. She won an honorable mention for the Jane Candia Coleman Award in Fiction in 2017 and 2018, as well as first place for the Ellie Wymard Award in Creative Nonfiction in 2018. Alese won first place in the Holl & Lane Magazine’s Heart & Soul Book Awards in fiction for her forthcoming novel, Exposed. Her novel Lying in Love will debut in 2019 from Magnolia Press.

Alese always knew that books were going to be a huge part of her life, she just didn’t know in what capacity. When she received a Kindle as a gift, it changed her life. Alese fell in love with reading and, in turn, fell in love with writing.

Her personal goal is to help writers fall in love with their writing while on the journey of publishing their work. Alese strives to take great ideas and make them even better through editing and book coaching.

She is in love with the idea of love. Contemporary romance books are Alese’s absolute favorite, with suspense and thriller books coming in a close second.